So Saturday is going to be a lot of fun in more ways than one…

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September 11, 2009, 7:03 PM

Saturday ought to be exciting. Lots of activism in the air on Saturday.

First of all, the teabaggers are going to Washington. I’ve never been to one of these “tea parties” before, and so it ought to be interesting to see what the right wing is like when they protest. I don’t believe they’re right by any stroke of the imagination, but we’ll see what happens. I’m going to be really inconspicuous about it, and hopefully get lots of interesting photos and movies of the event, and then post it up, most likely as a Photography set of some sort. It ought to be amusing.

The teabaggers’ plan is fairly standard as far as protests go. They’re gathering at Freedom Plaza, and then marching to the Capitol, where they’re having a rally. However, the timeframe is pretty ambitious, if you ask me. They’re starting up at 9 AM at Freedom Plaza, and beginning their march at 11:30. Then they expect to arrive at the Capitol and begin their rally at 1:00. I looked at that agenda, and was like, damn… After all, for most of the left-wing events I usually go to and participate in because I support the cause, they often don’t get started until noon, and things run a little later. And even then, things still run on “activist time”, where they’ll say noon, but it really means 12:30 or even 1:00. So we’ll see how well these guys keep to their schedule.

My plan is to arrive at Freedom Plaza just after 9:00 and kind of wander around, photographing the festivities. Then once they get going, I’m hopping on the Metro and running up to the Capitol, where I’m going to catch them again going in. So we’ll see what happens. Ought to be amusing.

I’ve promised my coworkers stories and pictures on Monday. They told me not to get my finger bitten off. I plan not to lose any digits in this event. I am, however, tempted to make a drinking game out of the whole to-do based on the photos. Kind of like, take a sip every time a protester’s sign says something racist, and take a gulp every time they advocate something that goes against their own best interests. After all, this is the crowd that will gladly vote against their own best interests, don’t forget.

And then I might very well see a few others of my political persuasion out and about, since I’ve found out I’m not going to be the only one out there with the intention of trolling. One of my coworkers might be there, and then a few Anons might be there doing a little more explicit trolling than I will. I’ll likely be making fun of them later on, but they might just be there at the time, making fun of them in their V masks. We’ll see, I suppose.

Then speaking of Anonymous, that’s what’s going to make this day doubly interesting. After the teabaggers are done, Anonymous DC is holding its monthly Scientology raid from 3-7 PM outside the Founding Org. So we go from lulz at the right wing’s expense to lulz at Scientology’s expense. Ought to be fun. And then Bailey’s afterwards. So this is going to be a busy day for me.

And then Sunday, I’m sleeping. In. I’m passing the heck out, and if I wake up before noon on Sunday, I’m going to be upset.

So there you go. It ought to be fun.

Web site: Funny how you're not "donating" to their cause, you're "investing". I guess they figure that donations are for wussies or something, and that the support-big-business types will warm to "investing" more than just "donating".

Song: Boris Berezovsky plays "Night on Bald Mountain" on the piano.

Quote: And of course, the whole "tea party" terminology never ceases to amuse me, especially when you consider that the Boston Tea Party was an early form of what we would today consider a black bloc. October Rebellion was more like the Boston Tea Party than this little shindig could ever hope to be.