So now I wonder if my apartment is possessed or something…

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September 6, 2009, 12:16 AM

So the second clock I’ve placed in my bedroom has quit on me. And here it is…

The stuck clock in my bedroom

Basically, it’s stuck – the second hand ticks, but it’s ticking in place. What gets me is that the first clock I put there got stuck on roughly the same spot.

Now when the first clock got stuck, I chalked it up to age. Realize that the first clock was the one I bought in 2002 for my dorm room in Potomac Hall. I figured, the thing was almost seven years old, and for a cheap clock, it did pretty well. But no amount of cajoling could get that clock unstuck. I ended up just leaving it until the battery finally died.

So I finally replaced it. I went out and got a new clock, and hung it up on the old nail. And it’s not like I forced it on the wall or anything. I just sat it on the nail in the groove that the manufacturer provided for it. Time for installation: about 15 seconds. And it got stuck in a few weeks’ time. And again, no amount of cajoling will get it unstuck.

But unlike the first clock, the second clock was new. And it got stuck in the same position in less than a month. I call that strange. Now I’m trying to figure out what caused two clocks to get stuck on the same spot, and I’m kind of stumped. There is an electrical line to a light switch nearby, but it’s several inches over, and going by feel, I think there’s a stud in between where I hung the clock and the electrical line. So I think I can count that out.

So I don’t know what’s causing it, but that’s just weird. If anyone has any idea what the cause might be, I’d love to know. Something tells me that I should hang something that’s not a clock on that nail in the future.

Speaking of which, you know I still haven’t really decorated much in here. The only things on the walls aside from the aforementioned clock are my Metro map, a bulletin board and white board, the Scientology letter, my college degree, and the mirrors over the bed. That’s it. It’s been more than two years and the walls still are all blah, and I’ve had a bag full of IKEA picture frames in the corner for a year and a half now. The idea is to put some of my own photos in the frames and hang them up. Hasn’t happened yet, partly because it seems I can’t be bothered to even pick out which photos to frame, let alone get them printed and hang them up. I have ideas, but no action yet. But this place will one day have photos from various Schumin Web photo sets and photo features on the wall. Eventually.

Web site: About decorating an apartment...

Song: Remix of Glenn Beck going crazy on the radio. In my opinion, Glenn Beck is certifiable as a wackadoodle.

Quote: And for those wondering about the weird lighting in the clock photo, I took it with my cell phone in my bedroom at night (the bedroom has kind of dim lighting from two lamps), and used a flashlight for some supplemental lighting.

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