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September 2, 2008, 7:23 PM

Today, I was telling my coworkers, along with how my vacation went, about how I did a little decorating yesterday. Remember back in February when I bought those little mirrors at IKEA? Well, I finally put them up. I put five of those little mirrors on the wall above my bed. Check it out…

The "Malma" mirrors on the wall above my bed

Cute, eh?

I was telling my coworkers about how I hung mirrors above the bed, though, and you could tell that some of them immediately thought of something like this – a mirror mounted on the ceiling above the bed so that you can see yourself while in bed. My comment on that was that no one needs to see that, and especially not me. I don’t have any particular desire to look at myself while trying to fall asleep.

I think you’ll agree, though, that these mirrors are decorative and cute. I actually got the idea for this when I visited my cousin Kate in Philadelphia, and she had similar mirrors in her living room. I immediately fell in love with the mirror idea, and so I decided to go with the idea, but it just took a long time to implement.

You know what’s weird, though – I have that reading lamp going some nights to read myself to sleep, and last night, I ended up seeing five little reflections on the ceiling. That was kind of odd to see, but once I realized what I was looking at, all was well again.

Of course, now that I’ve broken the decorating ice, I should complete the job. After all, I have like twelve picture frames that I plan to put up, and they’ve been on the floor – still in the big blue IKEA bags, no less – for about five months now. You know, Mom’s coming up to visit on the 26th. I should try to go for the mother vote this election season and impress her by having all this stuff up on the walls by the time she comes to visit.

I’m amazed it’s taken this long to decorate, though. I’ve only lived here for a year and some change. Of course, I’m building my apartment decor nearly from scratch. The only things carried over from Stuarts Draft are my WMATA map, my white board and bulletin board, a clock from my Potomac Hall days, and this 3D magic-eye type picture called “Dinosaur Canyon”. That last one, however, might ultimately wind up at the office. But we’ll see.

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