DC Anons join Scientology staff… (like they’d have us)

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September 6, 2009, 2:17 AM

Well, not really. What we did is a parody of a video at (site for the new Ideal Org). The recruitment video is laughable, and now we made it even more laughable by making a parody of it, just for the lulz.

I’m in two clips, and then of course, you can see a number of other DC Anons in the video as well. Enturb should get credit for like 99% of this video, since he’s the one who filmed us all and put the video together. The rest of us are just good at being camera whores, and can read off cue cards. We shot it at the flash raid we had a week and some ago. All in all, I’d say we did a pretty good spoof of the original video. What do you think?

Web site: All kinds of fun stuff going on at our pirate-themed June raid.

Song: I just realized that I haven't uploaded a new video to YouTube in like two months. I need to fix that...

Quote: Meanwhile, our next raid will be September 12. See you there! May I recommend getting one of these if you decide to raid with us?

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