As promised, here is the photo of our flash raid.

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September 1, 2009, 8:42 PM

Recall that in this Journal entry, two of my coworkers came by our raid, and one of them took a picture of us, while the other posed with us with a piece of styrofoam on his face. Well, I finally got the photo from my coworker. Take a look…

The flash raid on August 28

Featured here is Cakeeater, Beret, me, and then my coworker. So as it turned out, with the sunglasses and the styrofoam “mask”, he appears to have been a shade more anonymous than I first thought. Still, it was awesome. Note the small stack of You Found The Card cards in my left hand (on my coworker’s shoulder).

So as you can tell, it was a fun raid. And this photo went on my “wall of fame” in my office, which consists of photos of me with any of my coworkers who have come by the raid and agreed to pose with me. Anymore, they know where the photo is going when they pose with me at a raid.

Web site: If you're going to come raiding with us, may I recommend one of these?

Song: Enturb's video of our flash raid

Quote: So... see you at the September global raid!

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