So this is me at the end of the work week…

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June 12, 2009, 8:18 PM

So this is me at the end of the work week:

Me at the end of the work week

Yes, this is me at 5:00 today, at the end of the work week. A few minutes after I shot this image with Photo Booth, I headed for the exit for two days of not-work. Do I look tired, dazed, or confused? My glasses are a shade off-kilter. That must mean I’ve been working hard.

Meanwhile, it’s funny how life is sometimes. You mention someone in a Journal entry, and then they show up in real life. Mom was shopping at Peebles in Waynesboro today, and who did she run into, but Mr. Schindler, formerly of Stuarts Draft High School, and his wife. Recall that I wrote a little about Schindler about three entries ago. Turns out that Schindler looks back on me favorably, and that I’m one of the few students who made a lasting impression on him. I’m glad that he remembers our experience together fondly, because I come out better than I probably ought to in the end. After all, high school was not exactly the greatest time in my life, mainly because Stuarts Draft High School and I were not the greatest match, though I did have my shining moments.

Meanwhile, this weekend is a raid weekend, as Anonymous DC raids the Founding Church of Scientology on Saturday with pirate-themed lulz. See you there?

Web site: How to make your bathroom eco-friendly. Not a bad idea, and I've already done some of these, though I wonder about the survival of the plant, considering that my bathroom has no windows.

Song: Comedy sketch parodying Super Sentai/Power Rangers. Favorite (translated) line: "Red is the leader. That's the rule for this kind of show."

Quote: So it seems that even if I didn't get along with Schindler in his role as a principal a decade ago, it looks like he might just be all right in the end...

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