Keeping the pressure on until we can take to the streets…

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May 3, 2009, 12:59 AM

In reaction to last weekend’s violence in the streets:

As I understand it, these kinds of demonstrations will take place monthly until demonstrators are allowed to take to the streets again. For those wondering, cops have been increasingly more aggressive as of late in regards to ensuring that protesters do NOT take to the streets, shoving them back onto the sidewalks whenever possible. Compare this to marches in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007, where, despite lack of march permits, DC cops actually would stop traffic ahead of these types of demonstrations. Nowadays, they get physical with demonstrators, and just start shoving people onto the sidewalk.

If a monthly schedule really does take hold, I’m going to be busy, with Friday night protest marches on DC every second Friday, and Anon raids often on the same weekend. That will certainly give a new meaning to the phrase, “Pope John the Exhausted” after those weekends. But it will be for a worthy cause, because we can’t lose our streets.

Web site: Night March, one of these unpermitted take-to-the-streets marches before the MPDC got all pissy over it. I fail to see the harm in these things.

Song: The Count Censored, though this is more along the lines of "unnecessary censorship" when it comes to bleeping foul language than free speech...

Quote: I wish I could have gone to this, but I'm still in Stuarts Draft...

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