And with a new ceiling mount in place, we have a proper projector again.

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January 13, 2009, 8:44 PM

At last, the dangling wires are gone, and the conference room at work has a proper projector again. And interestingly enough, actually mounting the projector was the easy part. I had no problems putting the new mounting ring on the pole and securing the projector to its bracket. No, the most challenging part of it all was getting all the cords connected again. For that, I pulled out a ceiling tile, and went down to the building management office and got a real ladder. The biggest problem was getting the computer to work. The problem was that there was an unfamiliar cord in there with a different end on it, and that was how the computer was connected to the old projector. Up in the ceiling, the unfamiliar cord was connected via an adaptor to a standard VGA cable. No problems there – the adaptor and the unfamiliar cord came off, and I just hooked the VGA cable up to it directly. Problem solved.

Meanwhile, you should see this new projector. The picture is brighter and crisper than the old projector. So awesome. Go me for getting it all working.

Otherwise, I’ve finally figured out my plans for the inauguration. I figured that if the anti-war crowd was going to do something cool like a march or something to send a big message about ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, I was going to go into Washington for that, but it looks like all that’s going to happen is some tabling at McPherson Square. I can pass that up. I never had any intention of standing on the Mall and watching the swearing-in of Barack Obama from WAY far away in ten degree weather with not enough porta-potties, and paying rush-hour fares on Metro plus four bucks to park. I go into Washington every day. I don’t need to be there to be a part of this historic occasion. Instead, I will do what millions of other Americans will be doing: watching the inauguration on TV. The way I see it, if I went down to the Mall for it, not only would I have to deal with whatever security theater they were putting on, but being so far away, I would probably end up watching it on a TV screen anyway, set up on the mall so that those further out can see what’s going on. So by watching on the TV at home, I can be part of the occasion in my nice, toasty warm apartment, and where I have my own private commode with real plumbing. No porta-potty for me.

I just hope that traffic in my neck of the woods in suburban Maryland is not too bad, since I could easily go grocery shopping later on in the day, comforted by the fact that George Bush is no longer president. See, tourists coming in from out of town don’t particularly care about going to Giant or to Shoppers…

Web site: J20 2005: The last inauguration, when we demonstrated hard against George W. Bush.

Song: Barack Roll

Quote: So there you go. And a four-day weekend on top of it, too.

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