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January 8, 2009, 7:39 PM

It was recently brought to my attention today that Project Chanology, the Scientology-protesting offshoot of Anonymous, has been going on now for a year. And despite the Scilons’ best efforts, including bogus legal threats, bullbaiting by Scientology spokesmodel Sylvia Stanard, and many other half-assed efforts at intimidation, Anonymous goes on.

And if you think the protesting of the Church of Scientology is just a DC thing, you are sadly mistaken, as Scientology has been protested across the United States and worldwide. This video sums up the situation quite well, that despite the Church of Scientology’s best efforts, we are still alive, and not going anywhere:

Look for me in two stills from DC raids – one from Operation Sea Arrrgh, and one from Operation Snow White Christmas. Look for me in my Guy Fawkes mask in both shots.

And the mission continues, as we’re raiding again this month – twice, actually. Our “real” raid is on January 10, and then we’re flash raiding on January 17. Both raids are being held outside the Founding Church of Scientology in Dupont Circle from 1-5 PM, and they are both expected to be epic.

And I reiterate: We are not concerned as much with the so-called “religion” of Scientology as we are with the main organization supporting Scientology – the Church of Scientology. After all, religion is free – the brand of Scientology promoted by the Church of Scientology is not, and they vigorously go after anyone who tries to get their Scientology for free. I consider Scientology as a religion to be just about as wacked-out as any other religion. They’re all a little hard to swallow. If you want to believe that an alien named Xenu arrived in spacecraft that looked like DC-8s and dropped souls into volcanoes, have at it. More power to you. But keep a lock on your wallet.

Web site: Jimmy Kimmel makes fun of Scientology through A Charlie Brown Christmas

Song: From YouTube: Scientology stress tests as recruitment tools, and Scientology recruitment in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings. By the way, does anyone follow what Scientology spokesmodel Sylvia Stanard is trying to do at all in the second clip? Poor Sylvia. So brainwashed.

Quote: So there you go. We're not going anywhere. See you on the 10th.

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