So how’s the new haircut look?

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December 9, 2008, 11:06 PM

So how does this look?

New haircut!

I went for a haircut on Monday night, and asked the lady to do it thin on the sides, and make it work with the giant bald spot on my forehead. And above is the end result. I gave the woman a good bit of leeway with it, and I think that in the end, she succeeded. I don’t think I had this much work with the electric clippers (vs. the scissors) since 1989 when I got a buzz cut in the second grade. After all, we’re trying to accept that lack of hair in some places is a reality, and we might as well go with something that complements it rather than pretends it’s not there.

So why a really close cut? Well, I was inspired by one of my coworkers, a gentleman named Tony. Tony’s got that male pattern baldness thing going on as well, though at a more advanced state. And he wears his hair very short. I’m talking can’t-grab-onto-it short. And it looks really, really good. Now I don’t think I could go as short as Tony’s hair, because what hair I have left is really thick. But I do like the concept, and I think I’ve made it my own.

Going by feel, I’d estimate that most of the hair on my head is currently about half an inch long. One major perk for having the hair this short is that when I wear my hat outside, I don’t get hat hair. And it made for an interesting reveal this morning. I usually wear my hat coming in, and don’t take it off until I get to my office and park my stuff. So I was like, “Yeah, I got a haircut yesterday evening, and here’s the result,” as I pull the hat off. Ta-daaa!

Speaking of the hat, that’s one thing I didn’t think I’d take to as well as I did. I admit that my main inspiration for that particular style was Jeff’s magic hat from Today’s Special. But like the haircut, I’ve made it my own, and I can be seen daily wearing it on the Metro. Keeps the drafts off my head, which is a major perk. Yeah, that was a very wise purchase right there. And I think it looks a shade more sophisticated than a baseball cap or something.

Web site: on male pattern baldness

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Quote: Meanwhile, we had our FWW holiday party this evening at The Reef in Adams Morgan. Talk about a fun evening! What a lovely restaurant, and get this - they had organic espresso-flavored beer on tap. It must have had some serious caffeine in it, because according to my coworkers, I was more wired than usual after having a glass of that.

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