And the hat showed up today.

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October 2, 2008, 8:14 PM

My Gatsby cap showed up today. So how does it look?

See how much better the smile looks after coffee has been had?
See how much better the smile looks after coffee has been had?

Showing off the button on the top of the hat.
Showing off the button on the top of the hat.

Once again, courtesy of the iSight camera on my office Mac, taken during my lunch hour. I had it shipped to work, as that is my standard procedure for my getting new stuff online, and I actually wore it around the office for a little while. My coworkers thought it looked awesome.

And meanwhile, I had to take a computer to the Apple Store at Pentagon City today for a bad hard drive, and I got to have one of those I-told-you-so moments with the Genius. I brought it in for what I believed was a failing hard drive. I couldn’t even get the thing to boot at the office, but somehow it booted at the store (figures, doesn’t it?). The Genius said he was fairly certain that it was a software problem, and recommended an erase-and-install. For the non-Mac users in the crowd, that involves completely wiping your hard drive and reinstalling Mac OS X. So since I had everything backed up prior to this, I agreed to it, and we got started. The Genius used Disk Utility on the Mac OS X installer to wipe the drive, and that’s when the hard drive quit. Right there on the counter. I laughed – not at him, but at the situation, as it was the perfect spot for that thing to blow, I suppose. All of a sudden, things changed, as the Genius told me, “You were right,” as he wrote up the order for a hard drive replacement. And that was that. I’ll pick up the Mac with some new parts in it in a few days when the work is done.

And now, though, it’s almost time for the vice-presidential debate. We’ll see how much moose s— comes out of Sarah Palin’s mouth tonight. Should be interesting.

Web site: Wikipedia article about the Gatsby cap, or "newsboy cap". I think I might put one of those photos I took today in this article.

Song: An old Eastern Motors commercial from a few years ago. This one featured various DC-area athletes lip-synching to the song.

Quote: So there's my hat. That will come in handy once it starts really getting cold.

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