So the meetup went well, though turnout was low.

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September 7, 2008, 1:58 AM

I always love getting together with my fellow Wikipedia geeks. We have so much fun, though I admit that the turnout was a bit low this time around. But, I also can’t blame many for not showing, considering that Tropical Storm Hanna came blowing through on the same day. I got pretty wet just walking the ten feet from my door to the car, but otherwise, no problem, since it was a short drive to the Metro station, and then from there, I’m on Metro and it can be as rainy and windy as it wants, because all the stations I’m dealing with (Wheaton and Union Station in this case) are underground.

Otherwise, though, Uno’s was wonderful as always, and the wait staff took very good care of us. One thing we noticed on the check was that they never billed us for the drinks! Much to our surprise, none of the beverages that anyone ordered, alcoholic or otherwise, appeared on the check. Then the conversation was lovely, as we made light of some of the various situations that came up on Wikipedia and all the things we managed to get into. Fun times.

And here we are:

The group that went to the September 2008 DC Wikipedia meetup

And thanks to FFM for taking the picture of us. Yeah, turnout was low, but again, we were basically asking people to come out in the middle of a tropical storm, so I don’t blame people for not coming.

Afterwards, I got the Metro back to Wheaton, and took a quick dive into Target, where it appears they’re going to be remodeling. Lovely. I’ll let you know if their remodeling was worth it when they’re done in October. Then of course, some things just amuse me:

Blocked fire exit at Target in Wheaton

I guess it’s like the “do not remove” tag on the mattresses. You see that and you just can’t help but to remove it. Thus someone blocked the door with the “do not block” message on it. Dumb…

And then tomorrow, I’m going to make my way out to Rosslyn to see what I can see.

Web site: Journal entry about our meetup at Skewers from December. Not bad, but that one cost WAY too much per head.

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Quote: "What, you mean you can't tell a group of Wikipedians just by looking at them? Preposterous!" - Me in response to a question about recognizing our Wikipedia group.

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