And they called her “Hanna”…

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September 5, 2008, 8:41 PM

As of right now, Tropical Storm Hanna is expected to run up most of the eastern seaboard starting with the Carolinas and going up to New England. Per The Weather Channel, this is the projected path:

Projected path of Tropical Storm Hanna
Image: The Weather Channel

Washington DC, as you can see, is within the predicted path, just west of the center line. Lovely. Meanwhile, my parents in Stuarts Draft are west of the projected path, and my sister is way west – they don’t get hurricanes out in Chicago. So I guess I’ll see what happens and let them know. And it’s already raining out, albeit lightly.

Then tomorrow, should conditions permit, I’m going to be going to the Wikipedia meetup at Union Station. That assumes that Metro is still running and that I feel safe driving the mile and a half from my house to Glenmont.

I was also going to go down to Rosslyn ahead of the Wikipedia meetup to do some photography, but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. They’re calling for a nice day Sunday, and so if it’s clear skies, I’ll go out then instead of tomorrow. I’m going down there to continue to document the deconstruction of 1815 North Fort Myer Drive in Rosslyn, which is being removed to make way for 1812 North Moore Street on the same site (presumably, the new building’s main entrance will face the opposite way than the old building, thus the different street name). I’ve been following its demolition more or less since April, and I’ll be interested to see how it looks this weekend. Last time I was there about a month ago, the building was mostly down to the structural members and floor slabs, and they were removing the curtain wall. Now, I expect that the building will either be totally gone or just about there. We shall see, I suppose. I will let you know.

Now, though, let’s just get through either Tropical Storm Hanna or Hurricane Hanna depending on what it does while still over water. Personally, I’m hoping for Tropical Storm Hanna or, even better, Tropical Depression Hanna, depending on how quickly this storm weakens. I don’t think I’ve got much of a chance of seeing it become extratropical. Maybe people further north will, but for me, not bloody likely, as this will pass over me while still a tropical cyclone.

Web site: The Capital Weather Gang, from The Washington Post (direct link to Hanna posting)

Song: I've been watching classic episodes of Power Rangers on YouTube as of late, so I've got the theme to Power Rangers Zeo stuck in my head right now. I love this clip from the "Ninja Encounter" episode. About four minutes in, when Kimberly and Tommy have to remove Billy's helmet because he can't breathe, they get caught by future Power Rangers Aisha, Rocky, and Adam. It's so funny, because even with the helmets on, the body language just communicates what they're thinking, "Oh, $#@%..."

Quote: So we'll see you after the storm. Meanwhile, I hope Isis stayed safe while photographing the protests outside the DNC and the RNC. I saw what happened to Gnooze, and I was really concerned for Isis's safety. Can't wait to see Isis again when she returns.