Ever wanted to see Stuarts Draft?

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May 29, 2008, 7:13 PM

For all the time I lived in Stuarts Draft, I really gave it very little airtime on Schumin Web. You have some Waynesboro and some Staunton, but really very little Stuarts Draft aside from photos taken in and in the immediate vicinity of my parents’ house. Oh, and The East Coast Price is Right, which was taken at Stuarts Draft High School.

Well, wonder no more. I found a video on YouTube of someone’s drive through Stuarts Draft. They start just north of White Hill Road (Route 654) and end at The Cheese Shop. Take a look…

So on this video, they start just beyond Eavers’ BP (formerly Eavers’ Amoco), going northbound on US 340. They pan left to look at Windmill Square, home of a Food Lion, and some other assorted shops. There’s also a great pizza place there called Ciro’s. Then after that shopping center, they pan left again, and you can see Clair Park Animal Hospital (there’s a barnlike shed next to it), which is where Greta was born back in 1994. Then they pan right and you can see the Stuarts Draft Exxon station, which I showed you most recently in March. Then they turn onto Route 608 going towards Fishersville, and there’s The Cheese Shop, which is an institution in and of itself in Stuarts Draft. It’s such a great place. In fact, I bought stuff for a social hour we had at work there once. The chocolate-covered coffee beans were a real hit on that occasion. Additionally, my mother is often there right when they open on Saturday mornings to get the ingredients for her lunches at school.

So, yeah, that’s Stuarts Draft. It’s kind of middle-of-nowhere Virginia, but it is where I did most of my growing up. I hope you enjoyed watching.

Web site: And for more information, here's an article from Wikipedia about Stuarts Draft.

Song: Numa Numa, believe it or not.

Quote: And for the record, I do indeed miss Stuarts Draft... but I enjoy DC a LOT more than Stuarts Draft.

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