I call this my “heartburn” look…

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November 18, 2007, 12:27 AM

I’ve got two photos to show you that I found somewhat amusing. This first one was taken late on Friday at work, and is of Zack, a coworker of mine, and me, posing for a photo in my office:

Ben and Zack after work

I call this my “I have heartburn” look, because I’ve got my hand placed just so, though I’m actually covering a stain from some cranberry chutney that I’d gotten on myself during the social hour we had that day. Also note the fact that Zack is giving me rabbit ears.

Speaking of things Zack’s got on, though, notice the hard hat? He’s wearing my fire marshal hat, which I got to officially use in October, when we had the fire alarm at work that I’d mentioned previously in this space. I actually discovered that one of our interns took a photo of me looking official while we were outside, and so here I am:

Wearing the safety vest

As you can see, the fire marshal vest is a color reversal of my WMATA vest.

And also, yes, I do own more than just one outfit, considering I’m wearing the exact same thing in both photos…

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