Bad, bad parking…

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December 7, 2005, 4:09 AM

Just a couple of things I want to show you before I go off to Washington DC this morning…

First of all, check this out:

Wearing the FliteStar vest

I look pretty sharp in my safety vest, if I do say so myself. I had a coworker take a picture of me with it on with the cell phone. My friend Matthew Tilley says I look like I should be operating a Metro train with that on (he was impressed). So there you go. Carts and certain photo sets both will be much safer activities with my FliteStar vest.

Otherwise, with the snow we had on Monday, it was an interesting ride to work Tuesday morning. A little slow and a little slushy, but I made it in one piece. However, parking was another story altogether. This is my parking job, taken after work on Tuesday:

Bad parking job

Bad parking job

Bad parking job

I’m mostly in one space, and partly in another. I didn’t feel I could get all the way around enough to make the full diagonal and not hit the car on my right side (from the driver’s perspective), so I improvised. And my coworker parked on my left, who got there the same time as I did, told me she had enough room to get out, so there you go.

And now, it’s time to go to Washington, where I’ve not been since November 16 (and practically climbing the walls as a result).

Web site: "Crappy parking job by Moron" shows a person deliberately parking in two spots. Compare this to me, where I was mostly in one spot, but was partly in another (also occupied) spot. Amazing I didn't hit anyone...

Song: Lots of Metro sound cues. I'm making a set of sound cues for the Red Line set for BVE, and I've been editing them...

Quote: "Are you going to go direct traffic now?" - Coworker about the FliteStar