This is looking like it’s going to be a fun weekend…

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October 16, 2007, 11:36 PM

It’s looking like it’s going to be a fun weekend coming up, with the protests surrounding the meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. And I’m psyched about it, considering it’s been a year and a half since the last time we protested this organization. Friday, I’m partaking in a “rowdy” march through Georgetown, and then Saturday, I’m participating in a more conventional march.

Friday’s “rowdy” march meets at 9:00 PM (yes, 9:00 at night) in Washington Circle. Hope to see you there. Considering the unspecified “rowdy” nature of the march, I’m going in full black bloc, and probably bringing goggles as well, just in case. Can’t be too careful, after all.

Then Saturday’s march starts at Franklin Square (i.e. take Metro to McPherson Square). For that march, I’m planning on getting together with RCDC, where I’ll be doing some radical cheerleading. So yeah, my radical cheerleading costume from last halloween is finally going to see the sun at an actual protest. I can’t wait. Then I have cheerleading practice for Saturday on Thursday night. This way I can get the moves down pat, because on September 15, the last time I was with RCDC, I didn’t have the moves down, and so you could see a “learning curve” as the day progressed. By the way, if this whole thing of my being affiliated with a local radical cheerleading group is coming as news to you, that’s okay. It goes with the Life and Times set for the September 15 protest, which has not yet been released.

Meanwhile, on the cheer outfit, about the only differences from the October 2006 protest are going to be my regular black hat that I wear to protests vs. the red one, no flair on the red shirt, long sleeves on the black shirt, and no nail polish. The black nail polish didn’t add enough to the outfit last time to justify the effort and expense to repeat it. Plus I thought it made my fingers look weird.

And then after Saturday’s protest, I’m going home to change clothes, because I’m going to be going out to meet up with Mom and some of her teacher friends over in Dulles, as they’re going to be around for a teachers’ convention. Mom asked if I was going to show up direct from the protest, tights and all, and I was like, no, that’s for the protest. That and I’m driving to Dulles, vs. taking Metro to the protest, and leaving my car somewhere, probably at Glenmont or Wheaton. So I have to go back up to get the car anyway, so…

Still, there you go. This is going to be a fun weekend. And it starts Thursday night with cheerleading practice. I’m excited…

Web site: MGJ's "October Rebellion" Web site - see you there?

Song: The catchy theme from a Telegate commercial that I found on YouTube. And they're trying to sell directory assistance with this commercial... interesting...

Quote: "...your civil liberties he'll take away, he'll spy on you all night and day, 'cause..." - excerpt from a cheer

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