For the first time in a long time, I have bought new pajamas.

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July 12, 2007, 7:03 PM

The last time I got new pajamas was on October 19, 2002. That was when I got two pairs – blue and green. To give an idea of the timeframe, I was living in Potomac Hall back then. But yeah, here’s the last time I got new pajamas:

Then-new pajamas in 2002

Those pajamas were flannel. Emphasis on “were”. Over the course of almost five years of washing, they became the non-flannel variety. All the fuzz that makes flannel feel so good had worn away. My other various pairs had also basically worn out. Some had ripped, and some had lost buttons. Basically, they were worn out.

These new ones are going to be nice. They’re flannel, they’re plaid, and they’re nice and roomy. We’ll see how many years I can get out of these before I have to replace them.

I also got two new pairs of jeans recently. Remember how, back about a year ago, I mentioned how I could fit into my jeans from my freshman year of college again, and how they fit really well? Well, they finally died. Those jeans looked well-loved, but like the pajamas, they all have to go eventually, as they’d finally gotten to the point where I couldn’t wear them in public anymore. Sad times.

But hey, new clothes are fun. And I don’t have to iron these.

Web site: Unrelated, but my colleagues in Food & Water Watch's California office got some press, and thought I'd share.

Song: I think this song from Today's Special would be appropriate: "Jeans, how I love to wear them! Jeans, make me feel so neat..."

Quote: I guess when it comes to clothes, you could consider me to be somewhat cheap. I'll run clothes into the ground before I'll replace them.

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