Here’s a good candidate for a rewrite: the “Introduction” page

November 28, 2006, 12:07 AM

Here’s a page that’s a great candidate for a rewrite: the Introduction page. I just checked it out tonight, since someone had mentioned to me recently that there’s presently nothing obvious for first-time viewers of the site on or linked from the main page. This page was linked from the main page prior to the main page’s last redesign this past July. With the elimination of the menu on that page to support wide images on the photo feature, there’s now nothing to show.

I will be the first to admit that the “center section”, which consists of the main page, that intro page, the contact pages, and the privacy statement, needs some serious reworking due to the current main page’s kind of cutting things off in spots. The question turns on what to do. I’ll have to think about that one.

But the very obvious work that must be done is to write a new introduction page, and link it more prominently from the main page. My goodness… the present introduction page is rather dated. Without going into the update records, it looks like the present page was last revised in 2004, but that most of the writing is older than that. First off, the photo of me is around five years old, taken in December 2001. I don’t wear those glasses anymore, I look younger, and the background is obviously Potomac Hall. It seems a new photo is in order. Then I mention the quote changing with regularity – the quote’s been gone for more than a year and a half. I also mention the Online Store, with “all kinds of nifty Schumin Web merchandise”. Several problems there: First, the store has a more adult-oriented selection of merchandise than it used to. And I mean “adult” as in grown-up, not pornographic, before anyone takes that the wrong way. Then I also mention the shirt I’m wearing in the photo – my “Schumin Out” hoodie. It was one of many designs to get the axe during the recent store revamp.

So yeah, that page is no longer a fitting introduction to the site. It makes me glad that, at this juncture, the page has become somewhat marginalized. Give me an hour or so, and I can turn this page into a beautiful, current, gleaming example of what The Schumin Web has to offer.

Web site: The "Introduction" page. If this link is dead or no longer appears relevant, it means that my work is done, and things are better now.

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Quote: Boy, this page wouldn't sound like it does right now if I had written it today.

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