“Fire drills were my favorite subject in school…”

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October 29, 2006, 12:24 AM

Okay, I’m slightly amused. I’ve launched my new Online Store today, having set all the new mods, and it’s definitely a change. Gone are most of the old designs. Goodbye “Chef Schumin”. Goodbye to the three “Photo” designs. Goodbye to the old “You know you’ve been thinking about fire alarms too much when” design. Goodbye calendars. And most notably, goodbye thongs. The little thong underwear that I’ve offered in the store for four years is officially gone for good.

Only two things were carried over from the old store. The design formerly known as “Traditional” remains as the sole entry in “Logo Apparel” and “Logo ‘Stuff'”. The other is the line of photo mousepads, which are going to get spiffed up a bit when they’re expanded in the future. Then there are some entirely new lines. I’ve started offering my own brand of slogan t-shirts, and new high-quality framed prints of selected photo features.

I hope you’ll agree with me that I’ve made this latest version of the Online Store more modern and more grown up, while still having a humorous edge to it. You may recognize some stuff from Night March in there, and also some stuff from my Journal. And if you can think of any other words of wisdom from the Web site that you think would look good on a shirt, I’d love to know.

And my favorite design is the new “fire alarm” design, that says, “Fire drills were my favorite subject in school”. That one actually went through more thought than you might expect. It was originally going to say, “Fire drills were my best subject in school”, until I realized that such a statement would make it sound like the wearer was an idiot. If fire drills were the wearer’s best subject, that’s not saying much about them academically. So “favorite” was substituted for “best”, which doesn’t make that same judgement about academics.

So all in all, I’m pleased with the new mods. I think everything’s brighter in there, and things have been refreshed.

Web site: The Schumin Web Online Store

Song: Sweet Home Chicago from The Blues Brothers movie

Quote: It kind of reminds me of "Changes" on Today's Special. There, they redid the whole store, which is kind of like what I've done here.

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