Meanwhile, at the Infoshop…

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July 18, 2006, 4:32 PM

While on the same DC trip, I made a visit to the Infoshop. The last time that I’d been there was on June 6, and since that visit, DC had a so-called “100-year” flood. And during that flood, the Infoshop, being a basement location, took on some water. This caused the Infoshop to close for a few days. There wasn’t too much damage, but they did lose the carpet. Sis can be seen sitting on said carpet in this photo from the A16 photo set:

Sis on the carpet at the Infoshop

That carpet is now gone. What replaced it is gray paint on the concrete floor, and a large, colorful area rug that looks well-loved. So now we can see that the concrete floor is very rough-looking, with imperfections in it and such, and like I said, the area rug looks very well-loved. And as I told the attendant today, I really like the look. I don’t know why, but it just looks very “Infoshop”. And it works. They also took the opportunity to do a little rearranging, and it looks good. So there you go.

Web site: The Infoshop, duh.

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Quote: "It just looks very 'Infoshop'. I like it."

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