Made it! No work for nine days!

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June 27, 2006, 7:19 PM

I have made it to my vacation, and I don’t have to return to work until July 7 at 7:00 AM. Very nice, indeed.

And then tomorrow, I’m going to go to Washington DC by way of I-95 to do a few things on the way up.

All I have to say, though, is that I hope that when I do go back to work, that I feel totally refreshed and ready to continue, because I was about at the edge of my tolerance threshold.

Web site: My vacation from last year. I'm not going to the beach this time around, because I didn't have as much fun as I wanted to before.

Song: Music from Stinko Man cartoons, like when Trogdor is chasing Stinko Man

Quote: "I'm on vacation!"

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