Funny what one finds online sometimes…

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June 6, 2006, 1:15 AM

Sometimes it’s interesting what I find online. Check this one out:

The Smirking Chimp: Two activists arrested protesting torture at the Supreme Court

This is the same event I photographed in Confirmation Demonstration on the Web site. It’s always neat to see the different photos of stuff. And the person in the orange jumpsuit laying on their side in one of the pictures is my friend Rose.

It’s also funny… I was trying to describe the demonstration at work to a coworker in the breakroom one recent day, and ended up demonstrating the position that the participants were in. So I got on my knees, leaned slightly forward, hands clasped behind back, and head down. “That’s what I’m talking about!” is what I said.

The coworker said to me, “Seeing you on your knees in a submissive position just doesn’t look right.” And I will admit it’s a little out of character for me, since I’m as you’d expect – outgoing, and very much a hiya-hiya-hiya-how-ya-doing kind of person.

All in all, it’s kind of interesting.

Web site: The Smirking Chimp discussion thread - and remember, I was there.

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Quote: "Seeing you on your knees in a submissive position just doesn't look right."

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