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December 11, 2005, 8:07 PM

Sis and I sitting on Santa's lap in 1985

This is our 1985 photo with Santa Claus. Mom wanted me to scan this to show her coworkers at school, so I decided, what the heck – might as well just post it here, too. This is actually Sis’s first Santa picture, at the age of roughly eleven months. And she’s screaming her head off. Of course, I wasn’t much better in my first picture on Santa’s lap (enjoy the accompanying article while you’re there). Mom tells me I was quite upset as well.

Meanwhile, speaking of Santa Claus and the bad-or-good concept, I’ve decided to proudly take my place on the “bad” list for this year. You see, life’s more fun when you just say, “The hell with the good list! I’m having fun this year!” And hey – I have no problems with getting coal for Christmas, either. My father likes to keep the house on the cold side during the winter, and so a stocking full of coal from Santa would definitely help keep my tootsies warm all winter long.

And since last Christmas, what have I done to justify my placement on the “bad” list? I recommend starting here, and reading through the end of the year. I’m sure there’s enough stuff in there to justify it.

Web site: Wikipedia article on Santa Claus

Song: Santa Baby, which I think is appropriate here.

Quote: "Dear Santa, I can explain..." - Quote from a shirt I've seen

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