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November 11, 2005, 1:24 AM

So far, I’ve refurbished two sections of the site: the Journal (which you’re looking at), and the Online Store. The Journal’s update is one I’m quite pleased with, as it adds some functionality that wasn’t there before. For one thing, I added “permalinks” for the entries, linked as “Link to or print this article”. Those are at the bottom of each entry. For an example, here’s a link to the recent Journal entry entitled A fun day was had by all…

Notice how it’s on one page there by itself. And print it – it doesn’t run off the side of the page. It is all neatly fitted in there. At least that’s what it did on my printer.

Another fun feature I added was what I’ve heard called “bookmarks” and “anchors”. It’s used on FAQs and things like that where if you click the link, it skips you to a spot on the page. Here’s an example of this in action, click this link to the Journal entry Talk about threatening-looking weather… from August 2005.

The other area I’ve worked on so far is the Online Store. That was a conversion more than anything else. I switched over to the store hosted directly on CafePress’s site, instead of using various methods of designing my own really-customized storefront on here. My sincere thanks to all the people who helped me design the various storefronts for CafePress that I’ve used over the years, but I think this is going to work, since I finally figured out how to make things look right on there.

Also, CafePress has announced that they will be able to print on black garments soon, and so I’m going to see what we can do on that front. Black will be SO awesome.

For that matter, I’m going to be setting new mods on the store before too long, in order to better fit this overhaul and such.

And while we’re on the subject of the site, if you’re wondering what the “wide format” describes on here, let me explain. I widened the site’s template by 15 pixels, in order to accommodate some issues I’ve had with the sidebar menus. As I refurbish various sections, I’m going to put in new, larger headers to show this off. But that’s really all it is. We widened the template from 950 to 965 pixels across.

All in all, it ought to be nice when it’s done, though this is far less extensive than most redesigns I do.

Web site: My Journal, which got some new functions!

Song: Cool Tapes

Quote: "Different things? It took me ages to learn what they did before!" - Sam from Today's Special on the fact that some of TXL's keys now performed different functions.

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