It only took me a month, but it’s done!

June 29, 2005, 11:41 PM

Yay! The closet is clean! It only took me a month to do, but the closet is completely devoid of all of my crap. And I took no prisoners. Sixteen tubs’ worth of crap went to the landfill. I have one tub’s worth of stuff that I’m keeping/selling/donating. Not much came out of the closet that was of any worth, though.

I did find some interesting stuff, though. One was an old videotape of early-1990s television that I had been looking for on and off for years. Turned out it was in my old toy box the whole time. How it got there, I don’t know. But that tape was a lot of fun to watch again. It contains, among other things, a re-airing of the original 1990 pilot of America’s Funniest Home Videos. Let me say this about it. The pilot was awful, but it showed great potential.

Speaking of my old toy box, we found it, and it’s in pretty good shape. I cleaned it completely out, and Mom and I are going to refinish it. Right now, it’s got some splinters in it, mostly around the edges, it’s got some weird marks on it, and some discoloration. So we intend on sanding it and painting it before it sees a new life storing whatever it is that I choose to put in there. It could hold a lot of stuff.

I also found a lot of old pictures of me and the family from years past. I will be scanning in most of these and using them as the basis for a revamping of my Childhood Days pages. I even found pictures of Greta as a puppy way back in 1994, and also quite a few pictures of the dachshund we had before Greta, who was also named Greta. You’ll get to see Greta the first, as well as the Greta the dog that we all know and love as a puppy, soon enough. I was waiting to start until I cleaned out the entire closet, so I could see just what I had to play with. This will be fun.

Speaking of playing with things, I finally got a YaBB 2 installation to run on my site – kind of. It won’t let me log in or out, but at least YaBB 2 RC 3 is running. It’s not the production version of The Schumin Web Community at this point. Right now it’s just a test forum to see how things work. But we’ll see. When we get things working, and when YaBB comes out with the full YaBB 2 release, we’ll switch the forums over to the new version.

Still, I’m just amazed about what I found in the closet. I also found a bunch of old video game magazines that were falling apart. Old issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly. I still can’t believe I used to buy that magazine and at one point actually subscribed to it. Of course, I used to be interested in console gaming during the 16-bit era. I left it behind when the Playstation, Saturn, and such came out, since I wasn’t about to drop all that money for a new system and related new games, etc. My old original-design Genesis did just fine for me. Nowadays, the Genesis collects dust, though Sis wants to take it to VT with her this fall. I got both add-on systems for it – the Sega CD (second version), and the 32X. Now the Genesis, in all of its Genesis-ness, was a classic system.

Let me tell you, though, this was quite a trip down memory lane, and I’m glad I spaced it out over a month, though this could have probably been done in the space of one weekend if I pushed it. But capacity issues prevented that, since I only had but so many tubs. Plus I only could haul so much at once with the van. Bottom line, though, is that it’s done.

And now I just have to look forward to my vacation, which is a little less than two months away. August 23-25 will see me in Virginia Beach…