“Do you see what I see?”
“I don’t know what you see, but what I see is me!”
“I see me, too!”

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February 14, 2005, 1:35 AM

This snippet from the Olsen twins’ movie It Takes Two basically describes my reaction to finding a picture of me from J20 on not one, but two Web sites.

About finding pictures of me, it’s interesting the way I see it. First of all, simply having a picture of me on the Web is no longer a big deal for me. I have a bazillion pictures of myself on the Web already – most of them on here, and taken with the intention of using them here. Finding pictures of me on other people’s Web sites that originated from my site is interesting, but still not as interesting, since it’s nothing new photographically. I’ve already seen all the photos from my site, thank you very much.

However, the occasional spoof is amusing, such as that which was done on Spinnwebe, which used an exaggerated version of my style to create a photo set about a trip to Starbucks. There, they used original photos. On that topic, though, I still find it amusing to read this line: “About the most interesting part was what wasn’t there, which is who the hell am I and how the hell did I get his phone number.” Reason that wasn’t in there was twofold. First of all, I already knew who Spinn was and knew about that which was Spinnwebe for some time, having first discovered his site via Dysfunctional Family Circus (the DFC). I thought it was funny as hell, too. Twas a shame to see the DFC go away, though I understand why it did. And as for how did he get my number? This was in my Potomac Hall room at the time. At that point in the year, there was only one place to find my number: JMU’s Web site. Kind of narrows things down, doesn’t it?

But anyway, end of tangent.

What I was saying, though, was that it is one thing to have a picture of me on my site, or to find a photo of me that was lifted from my site elsewhere on the Web talking about me.

It’s something totally different, however, to find a photo of me at a demonstration, taken by someone else, on their Web site. I’m just like, Oh, my gawd! The first time I had this reaction was looking at one person’s Million Worker March photos, when I found myself in two photos. One is entitled “Crowd at the Hotel” and the other is entitled “Larry Holmes Speaks”. In the first one, Jess is visible next to me, and in the second one, the other guy is visible near me. I included the second picture in my own Million Worker March photo set.

This time around, I found two photos of me once again, but on two different sites with J20 photos on it. One is, and the other one is I’ll let you hunt around to find them.

Still, I was just like, oh, my gawd when I found them. It’s interesting to see me out of context. In this case, this is not Ben Schumin who makes Schumin Web. In this case, I am just another face in the crowd. And it’s neat to see. Kind of adds a touch of reality to it, to remind me that yeah, I was there.

And, true to form, in the Carol Moore photo, I’m holding Big Mavica (my camera) in my hands.

Web site: My own photo set about J20

Song: The Trogdor song from Homestar Runner. I just finished playing Peasant's Quest for the first time, and it's interesting.

Quote: "I found a picture of me from the inaugural!" - Me to countless coworkers