Dueling reviews?

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March 13, 2021, 8:25 PM

A few weeks ago, Elyse bought some ice cream from H Mart, which is a chain of international grocery stores.  One was cheese-flavored, and the other was corn and cheese-flavored.  Both of those are flavors that you don’t typically see in regular grocery stores.  Elyse had planned to review them on YouTube, and she did so in a live video on Friday night:

Note that at the 8:24 mark, she says, “We’ll have Ben try it later and then report back to you guys.”  I wasn’t planning to review it on camera, but since I was strongly encouraged to do it, I said why not.  So when I got home from work, I set myself up in the living room, and recorded one:

Unlike Elyse, who recorded fully live, I recorded live to tape.  I did it that way because it was late at night when I recorded this (around 2 AM), and so I wouldn’t expect people to tune in live for it (I’ve also never done a live video of my own, and have no plans of doing so).  Besides that, I just wanted to perform for the camera, and not deal with comments on the fly.

I think we were both in agreement.  Good enough ice cream, but at $10 per carton, not a good bang for the buck.  Meanwhile, if you skip to the ten-minute mark on my video, you will see the age difference between Elyse and me become painfully obvious: reading distance.  While her vision is generally not as good as mine, she can read really well up close.  Me, I’m just glad that I have longer arms, because I need that full length for reading small print sometimes.  Such is what happens when you’re getting close to the first anniversary of your 39th birthday, I suppose.  Then I also make no bones about it: Elyse did a much better review video than I did.  She does a lot more videography than I do, and is much more comfortable performing on camera than I am.  In other words, she knows what she’s doing.

So all in all, that’s cheese ice cream for you, I suppose.

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