Nobody knows how to tweak you like your mother…

May 31, 2016, 9:32 PM

So yesterday was my 35th birthday.  And sometimes people really get one on you.  Case in point with my mother this year.  We were talking on the phone on my way home from work on Saturday (a nice long ride, as I’m working out of a facility in Alexandria this week), and amongst discussions of Hefty bags (don’t ask, but I was laughing so hard that I was in tears), my mother asked if I’d seen the birthday card from her yet.  I hadn’t.  My mother insisted that I check the mailbox to fish the card out while we were on the phone.  I was thinking, it can’t be that exciting, now, and then I saw it:

"Age is just a number but to me your #1"

“Age is just a number but to me your #1”.  Note the “your/you’re” word usage error.  Also note the underlining of “your”, which is an aftermarket alteration (and I’ll bet you can guess who did that).

And then note the message on he inside:

"I knew you would love a card with a misspelling - it makes you crazy!"
“I knew you would love a card with a misspelling – it makes you crazy!”

I have to admit – that made me laugh.  Mom really did a good job on this one, tweaking my obsession over proper grammar (and I wonder who I got that from) in a playful manner.  But I have to hand it to Mom on this one.  This one’s definitely going to be hard to top.

And also, no – I was, in fact, off work on my birthday.  I had my birthday off as a paid holiday, because unless you explicitly change the date, you automatically get your birthday off as a “floating holiday” (aren’t unions awesome?).

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