A lesson on where not to store soda…

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January 14, 2016, 1:26 AM

…and apparently, the place where not to store soda is the refrigerator.  Seriously.

I put a bottle of diet root beer in the back of the refrigerator, and apparently it was too close to the vent where the cold air came out.  The contents of the bottle froze, and the additional pressure found a way out through a small weak point near the top of the bottle.  That created this overnight:


The root beer stalactite on the top of the fridge.

Root beer juice in the bottom of the fridge.

Just the thing that I wanted to discover when I opened my refrigerator in the morning, right?  Everything had diet root beer syrup spattered on it, apparently from the minor fountain that occurred inside my refrigerator.  Note the new stalactite on the top of the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, I put the bottle outside:

The root beer bottle, out on the balcony.

The way I figure, that can stay out there where it won’t mess anything up until it melts.

In any case, now I had to clean the refrigerator.  Thankfully, with everything in packages, I just had to rinse all of the syrup off.  The only casualty in this process was the root beer, and that cost less than a dollar.  Nonetheless, it probably took me about two hours to completely empty the refrigerator, rinse and dry all of the contents, and then clean the fridge itself out.

Most of the root beer landed on this pack of cheese:

I think I found a flavor of cheese that will never catch on...

This was not a big surprise, because it was on the shelf directly under the root beer.  And then apparently whatever didn’t land on the cheese landed on the bottom of the fridge, above the drawers:

Root beer juice, all over the bottom of the fridge.

Just lovely, isn’t it?  Thankfully, however, everything just rinsed clean, so it was a pretty straightforward process.

That said, I certainly can make a refrigerator sparkle:


Yes, when I was done, the fridge looked better than it did prior to the bottle’s leaking all over everything.

Still, though, I could have come up with a hundred better ways to spend an evening besides cleaning out the refrigerator.  But it had to be done…

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