How stupid do they think that I am?

2 minute read

March 31, 2015, 1:08 AM

I recently received an envelope in the mail that looked like this:

I saw this envelope, with just an address and what appeared to be a handwritten address, and thought “bill”, since this is how I’ve seen some smaller doctors’ offices do billing.

Imagine my surprise, then, to find this:

I don’t know what this sort of stuff says more about: how low car dealers really are, or how stupid they think I might be.  Clearly, they want me to think that I’m special, and that everyone is talking about my car.  Well, of course I’m special (just like everyone else), and I hope that everyone is talking about my car.  After all, we’re both awesome, and my car is certainly the darling of social media.  That, however, doesn’t hide the fact that this is a very poorly-disguised marketing message, complete with the sticky note that’s not really handwritten (the paper is completely smooth on both sides).

However, when I can see right through this sort of thing in an instant, you’ve lost me for good.  I really doubt that Steve York and Alex Nowak know about all of the people that they’re “sending internal emails” about.  But they can rest assured that this kind of stunt has turned me off to ever wanting to do business with this dealership.

Of course, it’s not like I’m in the market to sell my car anyway.  My history with cars is that of running them for a long time.  Amongst the whole family, we ran the Previa for 275,000 miles in almost 16 years.  I think the Previa was about as much of a family car as you could get.  My parents bought it, I learned how to drive on it, my sister drove it in high school for a period, and then I drove it for a time after college.  And when I traded the Previa in for the Sable, it was retired, i.e. it never moved under its own power again.  Then I drove the Sable for six years and one month, adding about 70,000 miles to it over that time.  So I figure that the Soul, with 40,000-some miles on it, is hopefully good for a long time still to come.

And this sort of nonsense from slimeball car dealers is not about to change my mind on anything.