Best birthday cake ever…

2 minute read

August 28, 2014, 11:46 AM

My friend Elyse recently celebrated a birthday, and, as a fellow fire alarm enthusiast, she got what I consider to be the greatest cake ever.  She sent me pictures of it.  Take a look:

This is a three-layer cake, designed to resemble a fire alarm pull station.  Specifically, an Edwards 270A-SPO, i.e. the classic Edwards pull station.  The logo is different from the one that you see on my Edwards stations because they opted to use an older Edwards logo, with a more square-shaped shield, vs. the later triangular shield.  Also, notice the details in the cake.  It totally looks like you can reach in and pull the handle, and then put a flathead screwdriver in the top to reset it.  You can even see where a break rod is supposed to go.  And I’m told that all of it was done with buttercream frosting.

And here’s a cross-section after some of it had been cut:

It almost makes you sad to have to cut into it, doesn’t it?  So beautiful, but cakes don’t last forever, and are designed to be eaten.  But that’s what we have cameras for.  In any case, you can see the three layers, and you can tell that the bakery got the angle right, as an Edwards pull station is bigger at the top and very narrow at the bottom.

If you’re thinking about getting something similar, Elyse tells me that this cake came from Touché Touchet Bakery and Pastry Shoppe in Columbia.  I’m going to have to keep this place in mind, because I was definitely impressed by it.