Getting some action out of this snow…

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January 22, 2014, 11:37 PM

Let’s admit it: between the wet, heavy snow and the light, fluffy snow, I will always fall on the side of the light, fluffy snow.  Powdery stuff is just nicer snow than the wetter stuff.  And with the recent snowfall to come over the DC area, we got the fluffy stuff.  It’s more likely to blow around and hit you in the face, but it’s easier to clear off of your car, and easy to shovel off of the balcony.

And like any good snowfall, I got pictures.  Of course, I got the obligatory off-the-balcony photo:

Good morning from Aspen Hill, Maryland!

But then I also got some action photos from clearing off the car.  I will be the first to admit that I had way too much fun doing this than I should have had.  First, however, the “before” shots:

Before the cleaning began

Before the cleaning began

Before the cleaning began

With there being something of a breeze going on while I was out, and the light, powdery, fluffy nature of this snow, it was quite easy to clear off, and also lent itself to some fun – just as long as I was standing upwind from everything.  So I went for style here, seeing how much snow that I could get airborne in one blow and then taking a photo of my work:

Look at that snow fly!

Whoosh - right off of the roof!

So much flying snow - I got good at this pretty quickly.  The snow scraper makes a cameo in this one.

And the end result was a clear (enough) car:

All done!

Not too shabby, if you ask me.  I was definitely “going for distance” with this one, slinging snow off the roof with the brush as hard as I could sling it, and taking a pic once the snow was airborne (think slinging snow with one hand, and then taking a pic with the other).  I had tons of fun doing this, and was disappointed to see it end (only so much snow!), but my fingers were so cold after I finished this that they were in pain.  But after a few minutes in the (warmed up) car, I was fine, and was running the errands that I needed to run.

And now that everything is all clear again, tomorrow starts CDL school!

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