One of my worst bowling performances ever?

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June 20, 2013, 6:22 PM

So I finally got around to posting the videos of when my friend Matthew and I went bowling on March 3.  It’s only what, three months late, but, hey.  Matthew and I went to Bowl America in Dranesville (Reston/Sterling area), and we did two games of ten-pin bowling.  Matthew was feeling a little camera shy on this particular occasion (it happens), but he was more than happy to film me hamming it up for the camera.

Take a look:

Welcome to bowling, and, in my own words, I can throw gutter balls like a pro.

The goal here is to do better than I did the last frame, where I only hit a single pin.  Oh, and the score system shows how fast the ball was going.

If I were only allowed ten throws per frame, I would be doing a wonderful job, considering that I was only hitting one pin at a time.

Different ball! And I realize that I can’t swear with all of these kids around.  Also, the Journal entry that I reference where I cursed on camera is the one about the 2012 polar bear plunge.

And my streak of bad bowling continues.  Do I get points for symmetry, though?

Thinking “strike” still doesn’t net me a strike, unfortunately.  And thinking about words with four letters that I can’t say around the children.

The tenth frame.  Apparently the goal of the tenth frame is to get that third shot.

I wonder, though, if I wasn’t paying too much attention to acting for the camera and not enough on my bowling.  I certainly had a blast for the camera.  I always do.  But watching my technique after the fact was painful.  It is very clear that I don’t bowl like I mean it.  I can do better, and have done better in the past.  Next time will be better.  But at least I provided some entertainment, no?

Funny thing, though, is that this wasn’t my worst game ever.  My worst game ever was at Dixieland Lanes in 1989 or so in Rogers, Arkansas when I was in a kiddie bowling league.  There, I managed to hit a grand total of eight pins the entire game.  Eight.  I think I hit all eight of them in the first frame, and then threw gutter balls the entire time.  Not on purpose, mind you.  I guess I was really off my game for those.  But it was the third game of three.  Still, that was my worst game ever.  Compared to that horrible game, I was bowling like a pro.  But compared to previous Bowl America games that I’ve played, not so much.  Ah, well.

But Matthew and I had a lot of fun, and that’s really what counts in the end.