The world’s loudest swim jammer…

June 14, 2012, 11:08 PM

I believe that I have found the world’s loudest swim jammer.  Take a look at this:

My Dolfin Winners jammer in "Firefly Blue"

Oh, yeah.  I’ve been going swimming in this suit all week.  Dolfin Winners, “Firefly Blue“.  The way I figure, swimming ought to be fun.  And companies like Speedo and Tyr will make exciting suits for women, but the equivalent jammer suits for men are decidedly blah.

Let me illustrate my point for a moment.  Take the Speedo Zebra Haze suit as an example, in three different styles: women’s, men’s brief, and men’s jammer.  Take a look, with photos from Amazon:

Speedo Zebra Haze (women)  Speedo Zebra Haze (men's brief)  Speedo Zebra Haze (men's jammer)

See, the women’s suit has that fun zebra pattern all over it, front and back.  So does the men’s brief.  The jammer, however, is not zebra pattern.  That is a black swimsuit with zebra accents.  And I have enough black swimsuits.  I’m not saying I look bad in a black swimsuit, but it’s not my first choice in style.  And just about every jammer suit is the same way.  Go to Splish, where you can design your own swimsuits with attitude.  Jammers can only have attitude on the stripes down the side of the suit.  The main body of the suit comes in any color you want as long as it’s solid black or solid blue.  And so with so little that can be customized, you might as well just buy a suit off the shelf.

So I sense the question: what about the brief?  That’s got pattern all over it, after all.  Yeah, but the thing is, I’m not all that enthused about the “briefs” style.  Yes, I own one, but most swim briefs don’t have enough rise for my comfort zone.  I’m steadily getting smaller (25 pounds so far in 2012), but I don’t want a “muffin top” when I go swimming.  So I wear the waist of my suits a tad higher than a swimmer who is a little slimmer than me might do.  I wear the waist of my suits around the level of my navel.  And for most briefs, they won’t go that high.  I use one that’s got a little more rise to give me all the coverage that I want.  And it only comes in solid black or blue.  Yawn.  Jammers are better in the coverage department, since they will always go as high as I want them.

So enter Dolfin.  It’s a brand you don’t hear about as much as Speedo or Tyr, but they are better in the “fun” department.  They have a style called “Winners”, which is just awesome.  It is the only line of jammer that I know of that is pattern all over.  And that’s the way I like it.  The way I figure, I’m fun and exciting.  My suit should reflect that when I go swimming.  And the “Winners” jammers that I have do it.  I also have a second jammer that’s similarly loud:

My Dolfin Winners jammer in "Sonic Green"

That’s “Sonic Green“.  It’s not quite as loud as the first one, but it’s still pretty loud.  One of the SWIMontgomery instructors at the pool has complimented me on this suit in the past.  That instructor hasn’t seen the blue one yet.

So there you go, I suppose.  I am definitely enjoying my time at the pool, especially now that the pool is on the summer schedule and the kids are gone for the most part.  And here’s an interesting bit for you: I size down out of swimwear, too, as I lose weight.  Yes, even tight-fitting spandex swimwear.  The original suit that I wore to swim laps in is now comically too large on me, and then the jammers that I bought last year are also now a bit loose on me.  Yeah, no one said that losing weight was an inexpensive proposition, even though it is for the better in the long run.  But at least I can have fun while I’m making the pounds melt away like magic by wearing exciting swimsuits, right?

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