How many boxes can I hold at once? This many!

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February 8, 2012, 11:34 AM

So a coworker got an amusing photo of me. I picked up and moved a stack of half case boxes of paper today after unloading the contents, and managed to get them all at once. Take a look at this:

Holding five boxes over my head

That is five, count ’em, five (empty) paper boxes. The way I’m holding these always reminded me of the Harvey’s Wild Oats physical challenge on Double Dare. But this is about how much of a stack I can handle. Any bigger, and things would start falling onto the floor.

And then most impressive for me: look at those legs. I remember what I used to look like. My legs almost look skinny in that shot, but… we all know better than to actually believe that my legs are actually skinny, right?

Web site: A whole bunch of Double Dare physical challenges described.

Song: Peasant's Quest trailer from Homestar Runner. Still very funny even after all of these years.

Quote: And there you have it...

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