How many of you have secretly wanted to see this happen to me?

January 17, 2012, 10:14 PM

So a coworker got a new app for his iPhone today called Action Movie FX, and decided to use me as his test subject. So first my coworker dropped a boulder on me from above:

Then fired a missile at me:

In the first one, I didn’t know quite what my coworker was up to, thus why I’m just kind of standing there, grinning like an idiot. The second one, meanwhile, I was “in” on, and was told to “act natural”, though no one could have planned the way I looked up like that. That timing was so perfect. Just look up and KABOOM. No one knew quite how the effect would go in, and so it really did work out well. As far as what I was doing in the second movie, I think I was getting ready to take the label off of a broken lamp. Though considering who my coworker was talking to, “Just be normal” was a bit of a tall request.

These videos combined total all of twelve seconds, but trust me when I say that the laughter went for much longer than twelve seconds. Just a normal video, and then BOOM. Gotta love it.

Web site: Homsar gets a "HEAVY LOURDE" dropped on him from above. I wonder if Action Movie FX has the "HEAVY LOURDE" in it? Now that would be funny...

Song: Not a song (or even really related), but this is a drawing that I did recently, based on someone's description to me of the area beyond where the Metro goes as "here be dragons territory". Thus I illustrated some dragons, and I drew the only dragon I knew how to draw: Trogdor.

Quote: So this was surprisingly amusing. That or I'm very easily amused. Your call, I suppose.

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