Is it just me, or is having two good feet too much to ask?

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January 12, 2012, 9:52 PM

Yes, this is foot incident number three within the span of six months. It’s starting to seem like where I can say, “Well, it’s Thursday, and so one of my feet is acting up.” You may remember that in August, the top of my right foot was in amazing pain and I was having trouble walking as a result. Then in December, same thing on my left foot. Now, in January, my left foot is acting up again. Gotta love this. Something is apparently wrong, but the doctors haven’t yet figured out what’s going on, because by the time I see my regular doctor or my podiatrist, the symptoms go away. Seriously, when I saw my regular doctor about the right foot, the symptoms had gone away the night before (and were back by that evening). Then the problem had gone away by the time I saw my podiatrist. Fan-bloody-tastic. Then when the left foot acted up in December, it seemed easier to just keep my existing podiatrist appointment the next week, and see an urgent care doctor to get something to tide me over until then. Now this week, my left foot started acting up (again) in the same way, though less so than previous episodes on left and right. But it’s getting more and more noticeable, though I’m not limping around (yet). However, the good thing is that I have a podiatrist appointment on Monday morning. So as strange as it sounds, I hope I’m still in enough pain on Monday that Dr. Lugo can see it in all of its glory. I’m not normally big into unwanted pain, but I want it hurting for the doctor on Monday. We’re pretty sure it’s not a fracture, but not sure what it is outside of that.

Then if this does get to be full-blown, I hope it doesn’t affect my swimming. When I had the pain in August on the right side, I could hobble up to the pool, go in via the stairs, and then be just fine swimming my full workout. In December with the left foot, however, I had major issues with swimming, as it hurt with every kick. It even hurt when I was just letting that side drag, so I had to miss a couple of workouts. This time so far, the pain has been less than in the previous two incidents, and so my swimming has been unaffected (an idiot with his child taking up a lap lane instead of being in the kiddie pool where they belonged put a bigger damper on my workout than my foot).

So I suppose we’ll see what happens with this foot. Then I’m also getting over a very minor illness. This is perhaps the smallest illness I’ve had in a long time. A little congestion, and that’s it. Nothing else. Worst thing to happen is that I was a little raspy on Monday, but that’s gone away for the most part. And then, all I had to do is talk with a little New York accent and I could be Joan Rivers. Can we talk? Usually, when I get sick, it’s a little bit bigger than this. I have maybe one rough night where I have “sick dreams” (as in those weird dreams you only get when you’re ill), and I usually get a sore throat and lose my voice. This is obviously a minor bug.

Web site: As a follow-on to the previous Journal entry, one person discusses why they skipped their college graduation. Interestingly enough, that last Journal entry of mine spurred a lot of discussion from a number of different points of view.

Song: Speaking of being able to do Joan Rivers, I'm thinking about doing a Video Journal where I do a lot of voices. Obviously, that has to be video, because you can't do voices textually. So I'm thinking about doing Joan Rivers, Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and possibly a few others. Any other voices that you think I should do for the camera?

Quote: And don't worry - I've got a lot of swearing saved up for some full-blown foot pain. Those of you who only know me online may not realize it, but those who know me in person do, and that is that I have quite the potty mouth. Yes, folks, I can swear. I just think that profanity looks uncouth in print, and therefore I don't swear in written form. Go figure.

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