So I got a follow-up message from Metro about my photography incident…

November 28, 2011, 11:26 PM

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, I was harassed by a Metro Transit Police officer regarding photography while riding on Rohr 1260. Today, I got a response:

Dear Mr. Schumin:

Thank you for contacting Metro. Every Metro employee is responsible for professional and accurate information. Metro does not tolerate conduct that falls short of that standard. The detailed information you provided was forwarded to a Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD) Superior for review and investigation. Thank you for bringing this important matter to our attention.

[I am deliberately omitting the standard paragraphs about calling or using the site]


Jeannie Greene-Barr
Rail Customer Service

Case # 669011

“Safety is our number one priority”

Considering how many responses I’ve received from Ms. Greene-Barr to my inquiries, I wonder if, when she sees my name, her reaction is, “NOT HIM AGAIN!” Ha. But I admit, Metro’s customer service, by phone and by Email, has never been anything less than stellar, and this is no exception.

So there you go. I’ll let you know if I receive any further responses from Metro. I am taking this matter on mainly on principle. If we don’t stand up for our right to photograph (and by extension, speak freely about a public agency) when it is challenged, then we have essentially given that right up – and that’s a very bad thing.

Web site: Regulation Concerning The Use By Others Of WMATA Property and Related Board Resolutions. Yes, this document is important enough that I keep a local copy on Schumin Web so that I can link to it, and WMATA can't then yank it from their site.

Song: Jory Caron makes fun of those "your brain on drugs" ads. It's pretty funny. My comment to it was, "I think Jory just busted about eight eggs there. So if I abuse candy, I get eight brains? Pretty cool!"

Quote: So there's the response from Metro Customer Service. It's in the system and forwarded to Metro Transit Police. Transit, I'm waiting to hear from you now.

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