What an, um… unfortunate… placement right there…

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October 6, 2011, 11:02 PM

This is a rather unfortunate design:

A rather unfortunate design

What you are looking at is a small stuffed toy on a clip strip, in one of the aisles at the Giant Food store in Leisure World Plaza. This stuffed toy is supposed to be a pig wearing a bandanna on its head, a shirt that says “HOG WILD” on the back, and then plays “Wild Thing” when you squeeze it.

But if that’s not bad enough, the placement of the “press me” marking is rather unfortunate, don’t you think? Something seems wrong about placing a heart-shaped “press me” mark where it is, since it looks like it’s right on the crotch.

Now I can speculate on why the heart is placed where it is. I’ll bet that its low placement was unintentional. Reason I think that is because of the shirt. Normally you’d put that a little higher up, like on the center of the pig. But due to the shirt, that area is inaccessible. So the designers put it lower, likely thinking it was still on the belly. But it looks very wrong, because it’s definitely too low. Add to that the fact that this little piggy is not wearing any pants, and it becomes even more unfortunate.

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Song: I have that blasted "Wild Thing" song stuck in my head now...

Quote: My comment when I saw this was, "I think I know what this little piggy will be doing when it goes wee-wee-wee-wee-wee all the way home."

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