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People don’t step back and observe enough anymore…

May 14, 2011, 9:42 PM

No one ever seems to step back and just watch things happen, and I noticed myself doing exactly that today. I was at the Barnes & Noble store in Montrose Crossing shopping center in Rockville today, and in walking past the windows on the second floor, I caught myself just watching the traffic through the parking lot of this rather busy shopping center on a busy Saturday afternoon. Then I filmed some of it, because we all need to kind of step back and observe. Enjoy:

My description for these was as follows…

While I was on the second floor of the Barnes & Noble store at Montrose Crossing shopping center in Rockville, Maryland, I noticed myself looking out the window and watching the traffic move through the lot on a busy Saturday afternoon. As Americans, I don’t think we stop to appreciate our surroundings enough, and I don’t believe that we take enough time to just step back and observe.

Thus this clip. This is simply ten minutes’ worth of traffic movements in a suburban shopping center’s parking lot, as viewed from the second story of Barnes & Noble. Nothing particularly notable happens in the clip, but I hope that people, in watching this, just take a moment to step back and appreciate our society in action, seen here via a suburban shopping center.

Step back and appreciate it for a moment. That’s all I ask. My Sable’s in both videos, though that’s about the extent of its participation. Thankfully, no one stole, tampered with, or hit my car. But at the same time, I wasn’t worried about any of that happening. For those of you wondering where I filmed from, this is where:

Arrow pointing at my perch at Barnes and Noble

The stop sign is blocking my actual perch, but that’s where I was. This somewhat small Barnes & Noble is actually the nearest one of these for a good chunk of Montgomery County. And yes, despite its being two stories tall, it is small, as it didn’t have much selection, likely because a lot of the middle was taken up by a large atrium. And I didn’t find anything I wanted, so unfortunately, I didn’t end up buying anything. Oh, well…

Web site: How to begin people watching, because that's what this basically is.

Song: Watching a time lapse of the parking lot at the Finch TTC station. I kind of like mine because while it's of a shorter time period, it's in real time.

Quote: In other news, by the way, I finally replaced my less-than-reliable Emerson microwave with a brand new Sharp Carousel microwave. Believe it or not, I chose a Sharp specifically because on the microwave show, the Sharp microwaves always seemed to last longer than the other brands. After all, "unnamed" and "Diane" lasted an entire season. "Tracy" lasted a long time as well. So I think I'm in good hands with a Sharp microwave, because this is what it takes to kill a Sharp microwave ("Helga", in this case).

Categories: Photography, Rockville