So why don’t you just tell us what you really think?

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January 11, 2011, 10:02 PM

So I drove to work today, and then going home, I put the phone in my GPS mount and did a Video Journal entry from the driver’s seat. And here it is:

Let’s just say that when I get going, I really get going. In these two clips, I discussed snow, snow days, southerners in snow, school on Saturday being a waste of time, what I really think of Frank Wade, my seventh grade social studies teacher, a Jim McCloskey cartoon about snow days, perfect attendance’s being overrated and staying home when feeling sick, long-exposure photography of snow scenes with my tripod at night in DC, pissing off Wikipedia due to being stuck at home while snowed in, token trips to Giant to replenish the junk food, better eating, having an office to manage, left turn lanes, driving in the snow, snow plows, salting the road, the Apple Genius Bar, driving slowly in bad weather, the benefits of driving in MoCo compared to Stuarts Draft, exercise, TV dinners (and TV dinner potatoes), the new Metro General Manager, John Catoe’s being a bus man, Metro’s New Flyer buses, firing the WMATA board of directors (and good riddance to Jim Graham), the price of Metro, making a directly elected Metro board, and dump trucks in the middle of Georgia Avenue.

And if you’re tired from reading all that, think about me – I talked about all of this. In the snow.

Meanwhile, I need to take my netbook more places. I should do more on-the-go Video Journal entries. I also should figure out a better arrangement for filming in the car, for that matter. I should get some of that gummy sticky stuff and put it on the bottom of a cheap digital camera, and then stick it in the middle of the dashboard. Something to keep it in place while I’m driving, and hardy enough to withstand a hard brake or two without becoming a projectile. See, I don’t want to get one of those expensive car camera mounts, because I’m really not serious enough about this Video Journal thing to where I would want to get one of those.