So this is where “It’s Friday, ya bastards!” comes from…

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September 17, 2010, 10:30 PM

Another Video Journal entry, this time discussing the “It’s Friday, ya bastards!” bit:

Yes, I discuss the whole concept of my “It’s Friday, ya bastards!” bit on Facebook and the Twitter. Basically, I started doing it as a tribute to progressive talk show host Randi Rhodes while she was off the air for three months in early 2009. It became quite the hit on Facebook, and when Randi came back to the air, I kept doing it because it was fun, and still in honor of Randi Rhodes. I also demonstrate the whole Friday sequence like Randi does it, playing “Bounce Your Boobies” by Rusty Warren. The photos of blue-footed boobies, however, are my idea. I’d also like to thank one of my coworkers for providing me with the great graphic.

Also, I’m excited – Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are coming to Washington! I think this is probably the first political event where the whole thrust of it is obvious satire. After all, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are humorists by trade, and it really ought to be a lot of fun, particularly in seeing the signs that people bring. I hope those are as funny as Messrs. Stewart and Colbert. Because of the fairly obvious satire, this should be fun, because I’ve done a lot of serious demonstrations. Even where demonstrations have lighter sides, the main thrust is still serious business. So this will be fun, as we get to publicly do what we’ve been doing in private for a year and a half now: making fun of the teabaggers. Oh, yeah.

Then Mom’s coming to visit next weekend. Thus I have to clean the house. I like presenting a clean house for Mom. See, Mom will clean the house if it’s not up to her standard of clean. I think it’s a maternal instinct to help clean, but I don’t want her to want to do that. It’s my house, and it should be the proper level of clean for Mom’s visit, so that Mom will compliment me on what a wonderfully clean house I have.

So there you go, I suppose. I’ve always thought my weekly “It’s Friday, ya bastards!” posting was a fitting tribute to Randi Rhodes, and may her show live on for many years.

Web site: The real "Bounce Your Boobies", as the Goddess of Radio, Randi Rhodes, does the bit on her show.

Song: "Bounce Your Boobies", of course...

Quote: This Video Journal entry was probably the most fun to make yet. It's going to be hard to top this one in the "fun" category...