“If only we can get Muffy to notice what is behind her wall! And now for Part Two.”

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September 11, 2010, 11:45 PM

I decided to do another edition of the Video Journal this evening. The topic? “Our Story Part 2” from Today’s Special:

In this video, I discuss what might have led to the store’s closing down, whether it was poor business or the store’s owners being made an offer they couldn’t refuse. Regardless of which it was, it seemed that by the time we saw the events of Our Story, it was basically a done deal. The ink was dry, and one would think that at the end of the day, the store would be no more.

That got me thinking about what would happen. If they had gotten that far in the process, with the store closed and emptied, and obviously a new building planned, what would the repercussions be? I wonder if the store would have been sued out of existence by the developer, because after all, for everything to have gotten that far, the big developer would have been ready to move, having already perhaps spent millions, and who is Jodie to prevent him from becoming filthy rich?

So Today’s Special gets picked apart a little bit. But don’t worry – even if some parts don’t necessarily add up, “Our Story” is still one of the greatest episodes of Today’s Special of all time. And I can quote waaaay too much of it…

Web site: The Today's Special theme. Ignore the chimes at the beginning, however, because we've been discussing an "oldie", done before the chimes were added.

Song: I wish I had a clean recording of the music that they played in the background during the recap. I've always called that the "Our Story music", because that's the first time they used that particular tune.

Quote: And yes, I was able to recite the Part 1 recap from memory. The only change was to where TXL says, "even I didn't know where it was hidden". I am not TXL, obviously, and so I changed it to "even TXL didn't know where it was hidden" for the video. I did have to cut Muffy's part a bit short, however, because the clip I was working off of cuts part of Muffy's first line.