This time, I am saying something substantive while on camera…

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August 21, 2010, 11:54 PM

So I gave the “Schumin Web Video Journal” (a name I came up with after I filmed this) a spin once again:

  • Fixing the camera issues from the first time I did this
  • The August Anon raid, protesting Scientology, including Scientology spokesmodel Sylvia Stanard’s gray roots
  • Stainless steel water bottles
  • Car woes – this time no heat
  • Getting rid of Bank of America and finding another bank
  • Getting rid of Comcast in favor of Verizon FIOS

This time, my production values have improved. The sound is not as loud. The focus is locked. I bumped down the resolution, since full HD is unnecessary for this kind of stuff. I also enhanced the recording environment a little bit, by turning on extra lights and turning off the fan behind me (that was audible in the first video). And I said something substantive this time around. My coworkers wrote me a note on my whiteboard about the last one:

4) Think of something substantive for next videoblog

So this time I actually talked about something. I do, however, have to remember to put the computer sound on mute, because people have this tendency to IM me in the middle of these things, and while I appreciate the messages, I don’t want to have the chime on the soundtrack.

So I hope you enjoy the video. Full report on the Scientology raid tomorrow or so.

Web site: How to change banks

Song: Peasant's Quest trailer!
"And the Trogdor comes... in the night!"
"Not tonight, he doesn't... come... in the night... Trogdor."

Quote: So, biggest question for you: What do you think of Verizon FIOS? I want to know how well it works, and whether it's worth it to switch. My cable with Comcast is analog with less than 100 channels (and no Game Show Network!), and then I have "Performance" Internet through them. So how does FIOS compare without costing me an arm and a leg?