So I decided to talk and drive again…

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July 8, 2010, 2:19 PM

So on Wednesday evening, I decided to talk and drive again. I set the cell phone in the GPS holder once again, and started talking. I started at approximately 16th and T Streets NW, heading north on 16th Street:

And then from roughly Fort Stevens Drive NW in DC to the intersection with Georgia Avenue in Montgomery County:

By the way, I had Impero nailed down – they were indeed based out of Baltimore. I also hope you enjoyed my singing. Then this is the “Wasn’t that light green?” lady. The nerve of that woman. And then of course, this is the Washington Ethical Society, and here is the podcast of their platforms. And don’t forget to always thoroughly vet your religious groups before joining, especially if you’re actively demonstrating against a destructive religious group. One would hate to be demonstrating against one cult and then inadvertently get suckered into a different cult, after all.

And then we continue, going from the intersection of 16th Street and Georgia Avenue to Reedie Drive in Wheaton:

Yes, a serious-sounding voice saying “cheese” in that same serious voice is almost always funny.

And then I continued, from Reedie Drive to the CVS near Glenmont station:

And we made it to CVS/Pharmacy. I then didn’t record from CVS to the house. And despite my pledging to actually use the exercise bike, I failed. I got home, and almost immediately fell asleep. I guess I was that tired.

And now we’re done. I still need to decide whether I want to commit to video blogging. I like doing the stream-of-consciousness thing in the car, but my setup is terrible, because I know everyone just loves seeing my dashboard in half the shot. I also need to decide whether to get a Webcam so that I can do this at home, too. Then you could actually see me talking. I could do like Community Channel and do that big, “Hi!” thing at the beginning…

Web site: BP: What would you ask an oil company? (satire)

Song: The Animal Alphabet as sung by Geoffrey the Giraffe (yes, the Toys "R" Us mascot). This is what I was referring to when I said "How much more fun can an alphabet get".

Quote: So now we have video blogged for a second time, as I've talked about a lot of different things. And I think I was a bit scatterbrained, which I consider unfortunate, but this is what happens sometimes. And with this blogging-in-real-time thing, it's not like there's a backspace button or a rewind function. You get it as it comes. I guess that's fun. So there you go.