The Saturn V rocket flies again?

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March 28, 2010, 11:24 PM

Well, not quite. But this is pretty darn cool, if you ask me:

Steve Eves launched a 1:10 scale model Saturn V rocket. That was pretty cool-looking. It looked a lot like a real Saturn V launch, too.

There’s something captivating about these older rocket launches that the Space Shuttle just doesn’t have. I wonder if it’s the fact that the older rockets are stacked all in a line, while the Shuttle stack is more like a cluster when it takes off. The Ares 1-X launch had that same “oooooh” thing to it, even though the booster was Space Shuttle hardware. I think it’s the lack of wings, and something in my mind equates wings with balance, and that these rockets can do all these things without anything sticking out to the side amazes me. I think there might be some ambition in there, too. The Saturn rockets were there to get to the Moon, and the Ares rockets are imagined to do similarly big things. The Space Shuttle is more like a truck, going to low Earth orbit and coming back, and thus they’re kind of routine. But these pencil-like rockets kind of amaze me…

Web site: Atlantis launch for STS-129 - not nearly as cool as those Saturn launches.

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