More snow? Ayyyyy…

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February 8, 2010, 4:59 PM

I can’t get over that they’re forecasting even more snow for tomorrow. But that’s what the folks at Capital Weather Gang are saying. And this after I finally accomplished something:

The Sable is free!

Yes, the car is free. I can now leave the house and explore. I got loose by going forward into an empty parking space and slotting myself in that empty space. Of course, it’s not like anyone can use the space I vacated. It’s still blocked in, since I didn’t bother to clear behind the car. I’m out, and I’m just looking out for number one here, since I don’t have the tools to remove it. But this will give Lester, the maintenance man at my apartment complex, a fighting chance of nailing it with the snow plow on his truck:

Lester's truck, with snow plow attached

After all, now there’s no car to damage by making a close pass, and I’m now in a space that’s already clear. And then my car shed a big chunk of that snow hat that it was sporting yesterday. I was maneuvering the car to get it out of the spot, and then, POW – everything that was on the roof ahead of the forward bar on the roof rack broke free and fell forward. So we went from 100% visibility to zero in five seconds. That was too much to use the windshield wipers on, so I got out and removed it with the broom. But at least it did that now, in the parking lot, rather than while I was out in traffic or something. That could have been really dangerous if it had done that in traffic.

Meanwhile, on Capital Weather Gang’s map, I am right on the line between 5-10 inches and 8-16 inches. At this point, I don’t care which I get, but I’m just hoping it’s the light, fluffy kind of snow like we got in December. That way I can just brush it off and get on with things. The wet, heavy variety is a real pain to move.

But at least for now, I can move the car.

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