The snow caused a gutter to collapse!

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February 6, 2010, 8:11 PM

Yes, the wet, heavy snow (compared to the light, powdery stuff in December) caused a gutter on my apartment building to collapse. And I happened to get before-and-after photos. Take a look:

Before the gutter collapsed  After the gutter collapsed

Note that the snow extended beyond the end of the roof by more than a foot.

It kind of doesn’t surprise me where the collapse occurred, though – that area over my neighbor’s balcony had been something of a weak spot for a while. Now they’ll have to fix it, though, since that gutter certainly isn’t pretty as it is right now.

Meanwhile, my balcony was covered, too:

The snow’s sticking to the verticals like it did kind of surprised me, but I legitimately did not think that much snow could pile on top of a balcony railing that’s only an inch and a half wide. And in the second picture, notice again more than a foot of snow out beyond the end of the roof. But unlike over my neighbor’s balcony, nothing has collapsed over here. And that snow up there is remarkably resilient. A minor strike caused all the snow on the balcony rails to fall off when I went to sweep the snow off my balcony, but I prodded that snow with the broom a number of times, and poked it with the broom handle, and got nowhere. All I did was leave well-defined holes where I’d poked it with the broom handle. That snow wasn’t going anywhere on account of me.

Then there’s the car:

Covered. And buried up to the hubcaps. This time, though, I thought ahead, and brought my scraper inside before the snow started falling. That saves me the trouble of having to get into the snow-covered car to retrieve the snow-removal device before clearing the snow. I figure I’ll dig myself out some time tomorrow, or at least clear the upperworks like I did last time.

And an overview of the snow in my apartment complex:

Yeah, we got a lot of snow.

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