But the workahol is so good!

January 27, 2010, 10:23 PM

There’s a reason I haven’t written a Journal entry in a week… it’s because I’ve been working myself ragged at the office. These 12-hour days have caused me to question my own sanity. But I’ve got a really big project I’m working on, and am somehow managing to do that plus all the usual stuff I do all the time. It’s been leaving me physically and mentally exhausted by the end of the day. I barely even have the energy to do Wikipedia, let alone actually write an original thought.

So yeah, I’ve been a little workaholic this last week or so. I’m planning to go to Plungapalooza this weekend, and I’m seriously questioning whether I’ll be able to actually drag myself out of bed to go out there on Saturday. If I do manage to get up to go, though, Plungapalooza ought to be fun. I’m not going to be donning a speedo and jumping in, though. Nuh-uh. I’m bringing my camera along and joining whatever other bloggers happen to be there, in order to write about the event in this space, as well as potentially make a Photography set out of the event. And I’ve been looking forward to going for about a year. I wrote about it last year, and noted that I should save the date. Well, I did. If I can muster up the strength to go, I’m going. And bringing a hat, coat, and gloves.

It’s interesting, though. This is the third January in a row where I’ve let workaholism rob me of having a life. When I start coming into work on Saturday and work until 10 PM or so, that’s a problem. When I start sending work Emails from home way too late in the evening, that’s a problem. The whole idea is to have a nice balance between work, home, and social life. I haven’t seen the Metro since Monday, since if I know going in that I’m going to stay really late, I drive to work. And people have noticed. One of my coworkers said “Shame on you!” to me about sending a work Email so late. Another person said, “What the hell are you doing sending work Email at 10 PM on a Saturday?” Of course, I had a quick response to that one, when that person said that he read the message at the same late hour that I sent it. I said, “Well, that begs the question… what the hell are you doing reading work Email at 10 PM on a Saturday?” We all got a good laugh from that.

Meanwhile, this probably underlines the fact that I need like a girlfriend or something. See, then I’d have more inspiration to get out of the office while the getting is good. Then I’d say, “I have to go because I need to head over to [girlfriend]’s house, because if I stay late at work one more night, [girlfriend] will kill me!” I haven’t had a girlfriend for eleven years (November 1998 was the last time I was in a relationship), and so it’s probably past time to get another one.

Then have you ever noticed that people who are tired and people who are drunk exhibit some of the same behaviors? People who have had way too many beers in one night start losing their coordination, see things, start stumbling over their own feet, and say off-the-wall things that they probably would never say when they’re sober. Likewise, tired people start seeing things, start stumbling over their own feet (I’ll bet I would probably fail a field sobriety test despite being stone sober right now), and say oddball things that they wouldn’t say when fully alert. And neither should be allowed behind the wheel of an automobile.

Anyways, I’m getting some sleep now… see you tomorrow.

Web site: Obama's State of the Union Address was tonight. Unfortunately, at this point, I'm too tired to care. I'll read about it tomorrow...

Song: Funny Game Show Moments. Favorite one was from a clip from The Joker's Wild at seven minutes and thirty seconds in:
Jack Barry: "Peacock" refers to the male of the species. What do you call a female peafowl?
Contestant: A female who?
Jack Barry: What... what... uh, I don't know, you may call it something else, what do you call a female peafowl? P-E-A-F-O-W-L.
Contestant: [bleeped] "Pecockess"?
(more laughter)
Jack Barry: Which is somewhere in New Jersey. "Pecaucus", New Jersey.

Quote: Wow... this entry is all over the place. I already have a rule that I don't work on the Web site when I'm upset (see what happens when I do Journal entries while upset), or after having had a drink (I've never drunk-blogged before). Considering how all over the place I was tonight, I might want to add "tired" to that list of prohibited states of mind.

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